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A console based XMPP client

Profanity is a console based XMPP client written in C using ncurses and libstrophe, inspired by Irssi

Latest release: 0.4.6
Downloads: profanity-0.4.6.tar.gz

Profanity will run on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows (using Cygwin).

See the User Guide for information on installing and using Profanity, and Reporting issues if you have a bug to report.

The FAQ contains answers to some commonly asked questions.

Mailing list: Google Groups Profanity, follow at Google+ or Twitter, view the source at Github

Join the chatroom at

See How to help out if you would like to get involved.

Currently in development: GNU Readline support (Emacs and Vi editing modes), OpenPGP support, plugins with support for C, Python, Ruby and Lua.


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